Candace Kirkpatrick

Candace is a wife, mom, a Bible teacher, a prayer warrior, and a method-trained actress. She graduated with a BFA and MFA in fine arts, and moved to New York City. While there, she continued training as well as performing off-Broadway, regionally, and several shows internationally. Also, at that time, she had small roles in film, television soaps, commercials, music videos, and TV pilots.

The more she grew in her walk with the Lord, however, the more opposition she heard from her agents and casting directors: “separate your ‘religion’ from your work” or “if you won’t do this, we will find someone else who will.” After much prayer and wise counsel, she left the business, wrote and directed for schools and churches, headed women’s ministries, taught God’s Word (for 20+years now), sang on worship teams, and led prayer ministries while raising a family.

Now after more than two decades away, she has returned to the industry doing print work, audio books, industrials, and leads in short films. Candace loves the arts and believes that media can inspire, uplift, and impact if done with excellence and integrity. She desires to do work that truthfully expresses the human condition while showing there is great beauty in redemption. Candace also still teaches Sunday school and serves with 3 different school prayer ministries as well as her church prayer team.

However, when a family crisis hit in 2018, Candace realized that she was a novice in her prayer life. And as she continually turns down more work than she accepts, she realizes the battle for the minds and hearts of our young people is very real. So she shoved aside her clothing and turned her closet into a war room. How can one walk out her faith, stand firm on God’s Word, discern the direction of one’s work, live without compromise, intercede for the broken? Why, on your knees, of course! Not sweet, polite, rote prayers, but face-planted, snot-dripping, God-wrestling, unglamorous prostrate prayers. Welcome to the
war room!!!

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