Ginny Priz

Born with her right arm stopping just below the elbow, Ginny is known as the Single Handed Serenity Coach specializing in trauma recovery. Her recovery journey from codependency, alcohol, & panic attacks taught her to trust God with the deep, broken parts of her heart. Ginny inspires audiences by embracing her physical difference with humor and joy as the co-host of 3 international TV shows including the Telly Award winning Bloom Today TV show, found on 18 broadcast TV networks in over 200 countries, and on Amazon Prime. Her numerous online coaching courses can be found on The latest is a 1-year course that was recently edited for television entitled Recovery Strategies 4 Life. She is also the author of seven books, including Ditch The Drama, and serves as Vice President of Bloom In The Dark, Inc., a global charity raising awareness for men and women coming out of brokenness and abuse that they are not alone and there is hope. 

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