Kim Aldrich

Some speakers make you think, while others make you laugh. Kim helps you do both—while going deeper with God in the process. She learned years ago that when an audience laughs together, they’re also able to learn together more easily—so she’s shared the “LEGO building blocks” of spiritual growth in her fun-loving, down-to-earth style ever since!

Kim is authentic and relatable, and engages the audience from the moment she hits the stage. It’s like sitting down to coffee with one of your best friends. A storyteller at heart, she takes the audience on a fascinating journey through her own experiences—some ordinary, some heartbreaking, some ridiculous—and weaves into her stories the healing balm and timeless truths that come straight from Scripture and a close relationship with Christ. She’s especially gifted at teaching complicated truths in a simple way that leaves the listener encouraged, equipped, and excited to put into practice what they’ve learned.

Kim’s greatest passion is equipping women to drink in and pour out the truth and love of Jesus in relational ways. To her, the experience of one-on-one discipleship is like “having a front row seat to a miracle.” Which is why she delights in hearing women say, “Wow, I had no idea…I really CAN make disciples in my everyday life!” 

Her most recent book, DiscipleSips: Leaving a Jesus Legacy One Latte at a Time helps women overcome their fears and embrace the process of “friendship discipleship.” It includes Scriptural and practical principles for helping younger believers surrender their lives to Jesus and become His apprentice…all over a simple cup of coffee.

Kim lives with her comedian husband in Franklin, Tennessee, where she meets with millennials, juggles writing deadlines, and enjoys cinnamon dolce lattes whenever possible. She also travels wherever God leads, equipping women to obey The Great Commission…and have fun doing it! 

Kim has also co-written a book with her mentor, pastor’s wife Paula Russell: The Pastor Driven Wife: Stories of God’s Faithfulness from the Mundane to the Miraculous.

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