Rachel Schrey

Rachel Schrey is an actor, writer, and director based in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been fascinated by the world of filmmaking since a very young age. What began as a childhood hobby turned into a professional pursuit when she went to school for media production in 2014 and began training as an actor in 2016. Her credits include multiple independent feature films, a web series, and commercials, as well as a short film she produced in 2019.

Just after starting her acting training, Rachel was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer. That brought on a season of major surgeries and treatments. It was during this period that she filmed her first feature film, Summer of ’67. In 2018, less than two years later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time. The following year entailed a slew of difficult, intense treatments and yet another interruption to her newly begun career. With gratitude, and by the grace of God, she can now say she is on the other side of that part of her journey. 

Although it is certainly not how she expected her life to go, Rachel is more in love with life than ever and passionate about sharing the stories of miracles she experienced, developing her own scripts, and living life to the fullest. She has recently taken up aerial sling classes to improve fitness and plans to continue with acting, writing, and directing as God leads. 

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