Sue Z. McGray

Sue Z McGray is an Author, Speaker, and Business Coach. She’s a past Christian Women in Media Association City Connection Leader.

Her passion is sharing God’s love and mentoring women to better empower them. Sue’s heartfelt desire is to teach women that it’s never too late for hope.

Sue understands what it’s like to be trapped in an unfilled life. For years, she struggled to conquer low self-esteem and insecurity. Her healing was slow and painful, and her career success only masked her inner pain. A failed marriage, co-dependency, and fear marked her life…but God’s healing has given her victory and has placed a desire in her heart to make a positive difference in the lives of others. She speaks and teaches with large and small groups of women, in all walks of life.

She has a Christian Blog called Whispers from My Heart. The blogs are posted biweekly. In the blogs, she shares her heart by encouraging and supporting men and women to overcome their personal battles and challenges, and to find happiness and fulfillment through a closer walk with Christ.

Sue is a domestic violence survivor and an active victim advocate. She serves at a local domestic violence center.

Sue lives in Nashville, TN. and is married to Duane McGray, they have three adult children and five granddaughters.

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