Taffiney Williams

Taffiney lives her purpose by empowering, motivating, and encouraging people to be all that God has called them to be despite their past. She delivers audacious breakthroughs for individuals, visionaries, and business owners who want to operate in their Purpose, be the best in their field, and position themselves in a category of one. She is the CEO of Journey to Impact, Bestselling Author, TV Co-Host, Inspirational Speaker, Relationship Coach, Ordained Preacher, Teacher and has been deemed a Reproducer of Reproducers.

She meets people where they are and walks alongside them on their Journey to healthy relationships with self and others by helping them identify their Life Purpose. Individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs she works with have gone on to establish large contracts, launch charities, preach the Gospel, and speak in front of world leaders. But what she’s most excited by is the establishment of their healthy relationships. Her moto is “Get H.O.T. (honest, open, and transparent) to heal and become Authentically You”.. Taffiney is a member of Christian Women in Media, National Christian Counseling Association as well as Artist in Christian Testimony, Inc. and Freedom in Christ Ministries, which are both active in over 80 countries world-wide.

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